About Us

Activus Technologies has been delivering innovative, high-quality software solutions since 1996. We help our clients simplify their operations, achieve their business objectives and see a real return on their investment.

Our saga started when our chief solutions officer, Brian Wolf, graduated from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in 1981 with a degree in Applied Mathematics (minor in Computer Science). He soon headed westward to work on the Strategic Defense Inititive ("Star Wars") promoted by the Reagan administration. He also worked on large-scale projects like TDRSS and PeaceKeeper, and lead developer of the now defunct Secure Communications Network.

Back in those days, IBM was the largest supplier of computers (primarily main frames) and their ancillary software and support services. Their arch rival, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), serviced companies and agencies with a midsize system called MicroVAX. DEC offered an office automation system called ALL-IN-1 that ran on its Virtual Memory System (VMS) operating system. ALL-IN-1 included Electronic Messaging, Word Processing, Time Management and contained an application development platform and customization capabilities that ranged from scripting to code-level integration. Brian gained a deep expertise in ALL-IN-1, and began providing consulting services to government agencies such as the USAF, and was the ALL-IN-1 administrator at Andrews AFB during the Gulf War in 1990 &dash 1991.

Brian decided to take a sabbatical in Israel at the Heiden Torah Institute for advanced Talmudic studies. Soon after, DEC was acquired in June 1998 by Compaq, and subsequently merged with Hewlett-Packard in May 2002. Demand for DEC consulting services dropped off simultaneous with an increase in demand for the Internet, Brian accepted a position at Intraspect Software. With their flagship product, a collaboration management server, Intraspect experienced rapid growth as an Internet pure play. When the dot-com bubble burst, Intraspect saw a sharp drop in customer demand. Many were laid off and the company sold to Vignette.

Brian's experience with Intraspect ignited his interest and skills in Python and web development. Notable and diverse clients include Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), PCTEST Engineering Laboratory, Hewlett Packard (HP) and Bacon Sails & Marine Supplies.

The technology landscape changes often, but solving problems and helping an organization achieve its objectives remains the mission of Activus Technologies.